Love Wins...and Brings Pie.

On August 13th at 2:01pm, Julie Van Rosendaal posted,

"Wouldn’t it be great if we could combat all the images of angry torch-bearing racists with images of people carrying casseroles? And curries and baklava and pie — to a backyard barbecue or picnic? To have peaceful pluralist potlucks and picnics everywhere, and use those garden torches to illuminate conversation and real connection? To gather people in our communities and spread the message that bigotry and hate are unacceptable, that love wins — and brings pie? Let’s do some things. I have some ideas."

And thus, Project Potluck was born. 


Join Us

This weekend, a week since the events in Charlottesville and the death of Heather Heyer, let’s gather in parks and living rooms and back yards to have peaceful pluralist potlucks and picnics, and use those garden torches to illuminate conversation and facilitate real connection.

To stand up and remind the world -or even just your cul-de-sac— that only love can drive out hate, that racism has no place here, and we will push back against that which has already taken up residence. Invite people beyond your usual circles— neighbours, friends, coworkers, newcomers — so that we can get to know and better understand feelings and perspectives beyond our own.

So we can look those who feel scared or marginalized in the eye and remind them that we stand with them.

So that maybe we can generate a clearer sense of where to go from here. Or at least provide comfort and an outlet to each other at a time when every day seems to bring a new reason to be horrified.

There’s more than comfort and nourishment at the table, and there are few better ways to get to know someone than by sharing a meal with them, particularly one you’ve prepared for each other. 

Come as you are.

Tiki torches optional.




AUGUST 18-20th, 2017

If planning your own potluck, please schedule it for anytime between the 18-20th--these dates mark 1 week out from the riots. Please feel free to post about your experience on social media, using the tag #project potluck and #comeasyouare


AUGUST 25-27th

The Potluck Project goes virtual. This site will be replaced with a photo gallery and post roundups. Images of love, acceptance, warmth and community, with links out to stories from gatherings aroundthe globe. We hope one of them is yours.  



AUGUST 18th-24th, 2017

Participating bloggers, artist and influencers are encouraged to submit 2-3 remarkable PHOTOS + a LiNK TO POSTS ON THEIR OWN SITE, which we will then share in a photo gallery on this site.

To Submit Photos Click Here.




Anyone is invited to create a Project Potluck gathering. It can be in your backyard with a small gathering of friends, in your neighborhood with a large gathering of strangers. You decide. 

We've seen the idea spread simply by word of mouth



Here is the text Julie has shared for her event in Calgary. Please feel free to copy and paste. Or create your own.

I loved learning awhile ago that in Switzerland, in French, a potluck is called a "pique-nique Canadien". Canada isn’t so much a melting pot as a potluck — we all bring something unique and wonderful to the table. There are few better ways to get to know each other than over a meal, particularly one everyone has contributed to. (And if you can't gather some people for a meal -or snack, or coffee- this weekend, do something when you can. This sort of thing never expires and should really carry on forever.)
If you’re in Calgary, let's all get together! We're going to have a big potluck picnic at St. Patrick’s Island, at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers, on traditional Blackfoot territory, this Sunday, August 20. I hope you can come - anytime between 12-4, and if it spills over into the evening, we’ll light the big fire pit at the top of The Rise—that big, smooth hill right in the middle. Bring something—as much or as little as you like, enough to share with a few others, and if you don’t have the time or the means to make something, please come anyway. Rather than organize a buffet-style potluck with one long table, let’s keep it simple—everyone can pack a picnic, find a patch of grass or spread out onto benches and tables throughout the park and wander, mingle, chat, see what others have brought, learn some things. What do you think? I'll bring extra forks.
St. Patrick’s Island is in the East Village, between the River Walk and Memorial Drive. You can access it from either side of the Bow — on the River Walk side it’s close to Fort Calgary and the Simmons Building, right on the bike path. Once you cross over the George C. King Bridge (formerly St. Patrick's Bridge), you’ll see a public art installation (Bloom) beside Trout Beach, a pebbly pond surrounded by cement benches (everything is designed to withstand another flood). Further along the path you’ll come across The Rise, a massive hill that’s like the ultimate toboggan hill on one side, and steep steps on the other. We can make this our general meeting place, with plenty of grass to plant ourselves on, and the option to spread out even further—there’s a playground behind The Rise with a small picnic area, and further down, toward the zoo (it’s still under construction at that end) there’s a larger picnic area, with long tables and benches and outdoor grills. (There are even public washrooms.) Let's do it!


The way you create your gathering is entirely up to you. In Calgary, Julie simply picked a park and posted about the event on her Facebook page, and word started spreading like wildfire.

Post on your blog. Your insta. Your Facebook. Create an evite. Start a Facebook event. Text a few close friends. Whether your gathering is big or small, incredible or intimate, we encourage you to pull people together.

Pick a place, send an invite, ask everyone to bring a dish to share. Gather, snap photos. Then send them our way. In 1 week, we will flood the internet and social waves with hundreds of images of acceptance and community. Proof that there are still safe spaces in this world. And that we will stand together (or rather--sit together) to show our solidarity for peaceful gatherings of people, no matter our differences.


Get Involved

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